Makeup Mirror With Adjustable LED Light

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LED Professional Illuminated Makeup Mirror With Adjustable LED Light 16/22 Touch Screen Mirror For Beauty Makeup Eyelash BrushProperties:Can stand in a flat positionUse battery Or USB cableThe material used is not easy to damageUnlimited gear touch screen intelligent switchOpen stopped to be used at different anglesFull range of lighting without blind spots16 LED lights, can adjust the brightness. In a dark place can clearly reflect their appearanceEasy to use a powerful switch, the ability to adjust different light, different light environment.You can find the light intensity you need in touch screen smart switchesThe installation of the batteries:Remove the battery cover on the back of the mirrorInsert 4 x AA batteries in the direction indicated inside the battery compartmentBe sure to insert the battery correctly (+/-)Replace the battery coverInstructions for use:To turn on, move the switch on the back of the mirror to ONFirmly press the circle on the front of the mirror, the lights will be illuminatedPress and hold the circle to reduce the light intensityPress the circle again to turn off the lightsWhen not in use, move the switch on the back of the mirror to OFFThis will save standby power consumptionPackage contains:1 x make-up mirror1 x USB cable