Emergency Sleeping Bag

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Material: PE (tear resistant material, can be used repeatedly)Weight: 110 gramsNote: This material can be used repeatedly for a long time. It is not easy to break.Color: Orange (emergency first aid color)Features:1. Use in low temperature environment to keep 90% of its heat from being emitted2. Can be used as a picnic mat3. The professional first-aid color is orange, which makes it easier for rescuers to find out that it is a must-have tool for survival in the wild. Adding a layer of emergency blanket to the sleeping bag can improve the insulation capacity, which is good for ensuring the sleep temperature.4. Emergency cold sleeping bag, can be used as a sleeping bag during rest, isolated from the outside air to achieve warmth5. Sleeping bag palm size, sleeping bag design, ultra-thin, easy to collect, easy to carry6. In the outdoor environment, this product is an international emergency emergency rescue essential, suitable for field exploration, inspection, tourism, disasters. Easy to carry, small, beautiful and practical.